Automated loyalty program

You might have read about allowing clients to redeem points during payment and allowing them to award free product using their loyalty points. There is one final way to allow clients to redeem points and is probably the best one for driving repeat business. Best of all it can be all automated. That is by automatically awarding them a free gift voucher and emailing it out to them when they reach a certain points threshold.

To set it up is easy, go to the loyalty points configuration as we have previously used for setting up the points values. 

Assuming we want to award a client a $20 gift voucher on their 10 sales we would set up the points values in the configuration like this.

This is a pretty simple setup, one point for each sale.

Now further down the configuration screen, you will see the section Loyalty Goals. This is where we set up automated settings.

How many points are required to trigger the goal

This is how many points will be required before the client is awarded their free voucher. If you set it up as every tenth sale for example with the client getting one point per sale, you would enter 10 here.

Email to send client when goal is met

This is the email that will be sent out to the client with the voucher. The voucher will be attached to the email as a PDF document. The template can be added into the Email Marketing Templates as you would do when sending a normal email marketing campaign.

SMS to send client when goal is met

Similarly to the email that is sent out you can also send out an SMS message but setting up an SMS message template and selecting that instead. 

Points to get before sending a marketing email or SMS

As well as sending out an email or SMS when they achieve the goal and get the free voucher you and also preempt and send them one out beforehand to prompt them to come in for their last booking and get the goal. So, for example, you could enter 9 as the value here, one before the goal, and then send out the email saying come in for the last booking and get a free voucher. It is also a great idea to have a link to your online booking here so they can book immediately while it is on their mind.

Marketing Email Template
Marketing SMS Template

These are the templates used to send encouragement messages beforehand.

Gift voucher to award

And finally, this is the voucher that you will be awarding to the client. You should set it up as a normal voucher as described here with the value set on it.

And that's all there is to it, you now have a fully automated loyalty system driving repeat business to you.

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