Configuring loyalty points

You'reOnTime has a very flexible loyalty points system meaning there are a few different ways you can award points to clients to tailor your program to how you want to do things.

To get to the loyalty points settings

1. Click on the Settings option from the side menu

2. Click on Loyalty Points General Settings from the Sales section of the Settings screen

Now you are in the loyalty settings you can configure them how you wish.

How points are awarded

Skip down to the Loyalty Values section and you will see various fields.

What do all these fields mean?

How many points are awarded for each $1 spent

Probably the most common way to award points is to base them on how much a client spent. In this field, you can enter the number of points earned for each $1 spent. So if you put 5 in here and they spent $50 they would receive 250 points.

How many points are awarded for each $1 spent on products if different

Similar to the field above except specific to products sold as opposed to services.

How many points are required to spend $1

Now it comes to redeeming the points. This value is how many points they will need to purchase a product worth $1. So if you entered 50 in here, for example, 10 times what we entered in the points awarded above, then to purchase a service worth $50 they would need 2500 points on their account.

Points required for free product discounts

It is possible to redeem a free product with loyalty points, and this is how many points they would need to get that product. Read this article on how to set up this kind of promotion.

On top of any product points awarded these points will be awarded to every sale

If you want to award any additional points for each completed sale you can do it here. You might want to set up a promotion where rather than giving them points based on the value of the products sold you just give them 1 point for each sale. You could potentially use that with the free product discount to set up something like a free product every 10th visit.

When a client someone refers makes a booking these points will be awarded

If you record client referrals in the system and they have a referral from another client in the system you can set it up so that the referring client receives a number of points. You might want to set up a system where they refer 5 people and get a free product for example.

Points awarded for rebooking

If a client rebooks at the time of checking out their sale then you can automatically award them points for doing that.

Points awarded for online booking

If you want to encourage clients to use your online booking system then an easy way is to award points for each booking made.

Points awarded for reviews

And finally, if you want to award any points for a client leaving a review you can do so here.

All these options can be useful depending on how you want to run things. Combined with the free products or free vouchers, you can set up an automated loyalty program that will drive business.

Other options around awarding points

Months points expire after

Do you want points to expire after a certain amount of time, for example, 12 months? If so then set that value up here. One thing to keep in mind is depending on the timeframes they are awarded points and redeem them and expire date could cause negative loyalty balances for a period.

Points can be used to purchase

If you want to restrict the usage of points to either products or services then you can set them up here. It is not uncommon to only allow points to be redeemed for products.

Points are awarded for sales of

Similar to above, if you only want products to be awarded with the sale of a product or service you can set this up here. This option will assume you are using the How many points are awarded for each $1 spent option to award points.

Don't allow points to be used on discounts

If a client is already receiving a discount you might not want to allow them to use points to pay as well. If that is the case untick the box.

Allow product level loyalty points to be assigned

This is where you can really fine-tune your loyalty points if required. For example, you might have configured your points so they will receive 1 point for every $10 spent, so for $50 spent they will get 5 points. But for one particular product, you want to give them more points. It might be a $20 product and you want to give them 10 points for buying it. If you tick this box it will give you the option of doing so. 

After ticking the box when you are adding your product or services you will see some additional fields like these.

This is where you can enter those points values specific for that product or service.

Require card to be presented to claim points

If you want to client to have a loyalty card with a code or barcode of some sort on it then you can turn on that option here. Then in the client details screen for the client, you will see a field like this to enter their unique code into.

Now when you complete a sale that is paid with points you will get a popup screen like this where you can scan or enter the client's code.

Now you points are set up you are ready to start redeeming them

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