Redeeming loyalty points

There are a few different ways you can allow clients to redeem points. The most common and basic method is to just allow clients to use points they have accumulated to pay for their products or services. The amount of points required to purchase a product can be configured in the loyaty points general settings

Once you have set up the points values there are a few steps to allowing clients to pay with points.

Adding a Loyalty Payment Type

Before redeeming any points for a sale you will need to make sure you have a loyalty payment type. There is one added to the system by default when you have signed up for a free trial but you should check it is still there.

1. Click in Settings from the left hand menu

2. In settings click on the Manage Payment Types option in the Payments section

3. In the list of payment types if you see an option for loyalty then you are good to go. If not click on the Add Payment Type button.

4. In the New Payment Type screen you can enter the details. The description can be whatever you want, but it is important the Payment Category is set to Loyalty. Also make sure you set Active to ticked or else it won't show up.

5. Click Save and you will now have the payment type in the system and ready to be used when a client wishes to pay.

Completing a sale with Loyalty Points

Redeeming points as part of a payment for a sale is pretty easy, it is almost exactly the same as performing a normal sale checkout. If you need a refresher on performing sales then check here. The only difference comes when it comes to entering the payment types, so we will start there.

1. On the payments screen you will see the payment type button Other. Click on this and you will be able to choose Loyalty points from the options.

2. In the top right of the payment screen you will also see how many points a client has and their equivalent value. This is important in knowing if the client has enough to pay for the sale. 

3. For the loyalty payments you need to enter the dollar value (or your local currency) of the points you wish to use. So if the sale is for $124 you would enter 124 in the field, assuming they have the points to cover that much. You can do a part payment and change the value to less and pay the balance with a different payment type such as credit card. 

4. Now click Complete Sale button to complete the sale as you normally would. The system will take care of calculating the dollar value of the points and taking them away from the clients balance.

That's all there is to it, the client has now paid for a sale with the points they have on file.

There are a couple of other ways to redeem points as well with free products or free vouchers

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