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Get Remote Support

When you need us to connect to your computer remotely to help you out.

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Getting Started

Helpful tips and guides for your first steps with You'reOnTime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers to our most commonly asked questions

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Setup your business and location details

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How to manage your appointments with You'reOnTime

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How to make and manage your sales in You'reOnTime

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How to manage and communicate with your clients

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Staff Management

How to manage your staff and rosters in You'reOnTime

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How to add and manage your services in You'reOnTime

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How to create, receive and send product orders in You'reOnTime

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Gift Vouchers

How to setup, sell and redeem gift vouchers in You'reOnTime

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Manage Packages

How to set up, configure, sell and redeem packages

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Online Booking

Follow these steps to set up your online booking and take appointments 24/7

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How to set up a loyalty program and gave it used by your clients

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Promotions and Discounts

How to set up and manage promotions and discounts within You'reOnTime

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SMS and Email

How to setup and manage SMS and Email communications and marketing

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How to set up and manage forms in You'reOnTime

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Tips for making the most of reporting within You'reOnTime

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Exporting Information

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Simple guides for setting up your You'reOnTime system

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How to setup payments using Apriva and You'reOnTime

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Banking and Financial

Tips for cash management and end of day banking

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Self Check-In

How to set up and configure You'reOnTime Self Check-In to suit your business

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Waiting Lists

How to configure and use the waiting list functionality within You'reOnTime

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Phone System

How to set up the integrated phone system and make calls using You'reOnTime

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Point of Sale Hardware

Guides to configure POS hardware to work with You'reOnTime

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Xero Integration

Guides for setting up your Xero integration with You'reOnTime

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