Awarding a free product with loyalty points

Loyalty programs that allow clients to redeem points during payment are good, but you will often find you get better traction with your clients but offering something special like a free product. Setting up such a thing is pretty easy.

The first thing to do is to go to the loyalty points configuration and set up how many points will be required for a free product. A common setup is to allow clients to get a free product for every tenth visit. If you configured the points to give them one for each sale and then set the Points required for free product discount to 10, then that would achieve what you are after.

The process for now processing the free product is pretty easy.

1. Perform the Send To Sale option from the appointments screen as you would when checking out any normal sale. 

2. On the Sales screen, add the product you are going to award free to the client

3. Change the price to be zero or give them a 100% discount on that product. Assuming the client has enough points on their account a tick box will now show to indicate this product is being paid for with their loyalty points. Tick this box and click Add to add the product to the sale.

4. Now complete the sale and pay for it like you would for any other sale. If you check the client's loyalty point balance on their account you will see it has deducted the 10 points required for payment.

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