Performing a Sale

When you are happy with your appointments and the services are now completed with the client you can check out the sale and take the payment

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar you wish to generate a sale for.
  2. The Appointment Options pop up screen will appear. Click the Send to Sale button. 

  3. This will show the Sales screen, listing the client name and the service that was performed. If you wanted to add any products or additional services at this stage you could easily do so, as well as adding any discounts. But for this first sale, we will complete it as booked by now clicking the Complete Sale button. 

  4. This will prompt the Payment pop up screen. It will list the Amount Due in red and tell you if there is any Change in green.
  5. Select the type of payment the client is using by choosing the relevant option under the Select Payment Type section.  If the client is paying across multiple payment methods, you can select multiple payment types by clicking them here. 

  6. The payment you have selected will appear below in the Payments section, along with the amount and a minus icon to delete the payment if necessary.  

  7. If you wish to email the receipt, tick the Email Receipt checkbox. Note: The Email Receipt checkbox will only appear if your client has an email address.
  8. If you wish to send the receipt to your printer for printing, select the Print Receipt checkbox. 
  9. If you wish to rebook this appointment as a repeated booking, check the Repeat Booking checkbox. These Option check boxes can be configured later on in your settings if you want them to default on or off.
  10. Click the Complete Payment button to complete payment.
  11. The original appointment will display as Completed and will now have it's colour changed to that status.  

    Congratulations! You have now mastered You'reOnTime :)

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