Add Your Services

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Adding a new service

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the  Products & Services section and click on Manage Services
  3. The Service Search screen will appear, click on the +Add New button.
  4. The Details for New Service screen will appear. Select or enter values for the compulsory fields which are denoted by the * symbol.
  5. If the service Category you want does not exist, click the New link next to the category drop-down list.This will prompt the Add a New Category pop-up screen.  Enter your Category name and click OK.The Category drop-down list will then be automatically pre-filled with the new category.
  6. In the Service Details section, enter the Service Length, and Processing Length. Processing Length can be used in cases where there is a period of time during the service where other tasks can be done, for example, the time required to leave in hair dye.
  7. In the Service Price section, add the price and tax information. 
    If the tax rate for your country or state is not listed you can add it in by clicking the New button.This will prompt the Add New Tax pop-up. Add in your tax rate details and click Save.You can now select the new Tax rate.

Selecting which staff can perform the service

  1. To select staff who perform this service, select the Staff tab.Select the staff you wish to mark as performing this service by selecting the check box next to their names.  Once selected, a tick will appear against their checkbox.
    On this screen you also have the option of overriding the default Price, Service and Processing Length for specific staff.  You may add a Commission percentage here for a specific staff member performing this service. Note, that this specific service commission percentage will take precedence over the standard staff commission.

Add resources required for this service

  1. Click the Details tab and scroll down the Resources used for this service section. 

    Select any resources used by this service by checking the box next to them.

  2. Finally click the Save button. You will then be redirected to the Service Search screen.

To modify a service, simply click on the service name in the Service Search screen.

Next, add your staff members.

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