Email Marketing

Email marketing is very quick and easy to do, and a great way to get an instant boost on a slow day. For example, if during the week you notice the weekend is looking a bit slow you might want to set up a promotion with an incentive to book an appointment over that time. You can then create an email and do a bulk mailout with the promotion code included. This can all be set up in a few minutes and is almost guaranteed to fill out your appointment book.

  1. Click on the Marketing menu as shown below:

  2. This will show the SMS & Email Marketing screen.
    This will initially display all your clients. For this example, we just want to target a few VIP clients. In the With Label field, select VIP and the screen will only display your VIP clients as shown below. You may have to set up Client Labels if you haven't already done so. Simply go to the Client record and under the Labels section, tick the label that best applies to your client. You can consider labels as "virtual" Post-it® notes for your clients, for example, by tagging your clients with labels, this helps you run your everyday operations and especially with SMS or Email marketing. You can label your clients such as  "Typically Late" or "Purchases Products" to help you organise your day. 

  3. Simply click the Setup Email Templates button and the Email Marketing screen will appear shown below:

  4. You have the option of attaching a newsletter or promotional brochure in the a Word or PDF format by clicking the Select a file button.
  5. You can also choose a template or simply start typing the message in the Create email body text field. 
  6. Merge fields are place holders for values that will be replaced when the message is sent. For example: ClientFirstName will be replaced with David and so on. To insert a template field, simply put your cursor in the message box where you want the field to appear and click on the template field link. 
  7. You can also preview your Email message by clicking Send Preview Email

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