Setting up Gift Vouchers

You'reOnTime allows you to set up and sell gift vouchers. Before selling you will need to configure the types of vouchers that you sell.  

  1.  Click on Settings in the side menu.

  2. Scroll down to the Gift Vouchers section and click the Manage Gift Vouchers link.

  3. The Gift Voucher Search screen will appear, on the top right-hand corner is the specific menu for the screen. Click on the +Add New button.

  4. The Details for New Voucher screen will appear, as shown below:

    Enter the details for your voucher in the Voucher Details section. You will be required to enter at a minimum: the Name of the voucher and the Category.Note: The Preprinted Giftcards option is for cards that already have the number printed on them, which will need to be entered when sold. Generated Gift Vouchers will automatically generate a code to be written on (or emailed with) the card when sold.

    If your required gift voucher Category does not exist, simply click the New button next to the Category drop-down list. This will prompt the Add New Category pop-up screen. Add your new category and click the OK button. 

  5. In the Pricing section, enter the price of the voucher and select your tax rate.Note: The Generate Code for Voucher option will determine whether the voucher is preprinted or not.

  6. In the Voucher Expiry section, you can choose from the Voucher Expires In drop-down menu, or enter a specific date in the Expires On field. If you want the voucher to have no expiry then choose Never expires from the drop-down menu.
  7. In the Loyalty Points Details section, you can choose whether or the purchase of the voucher contributes to the client's loyalty points, and how many points will be awarded. You can also set a number of points required to purchase the gift card with loyalty points or leave it blank if you don't want this option.
  8. Click the Save button to confirm your settings.

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