Getting started with Online Bookings

Online bookings are an essential part of any business, allowing your clients the convenience of booking any time of the day or week. Your booking system will be working for you 24/7 filling gaps in your schedule. 

There is no need to be scared of losing control of your appointment book as flexible options allow you to choose all the criteria you need to take away the worry, while increasing your bottom line.

Setting up Online Booking is very easy, but follow these steps to ensure you know exactly how it is all working.

Online Booking Preview

Enabling Online Bookings

Integrating with your website

Integrating with your Facebook page

Adding your booking site to Instagram

Setting up the options for your online booking

Setting up the styles of your online booking page

Selecting which services can be booked online

Selecting which staff can be booked online

Display business details on your online booking

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