How to embed the online booking into your website

There are a number of different options for integrating online bookings into your own website, Facebook page or stand alone. The details and code snippets required for each of these are available in the Online Booking Settings in the application Settings under the Welcome menu.

1. Click on Settings from the side menu.

2. Click on Online Booking Settings

The important field to remember in the Online Booking Settings is the Booking Website Name. It is the name that will be used in all the code snippets you are using in your website. 

Mini Website

The mini-website is a fully functional website including information about your business, staff and products. It also includes a page where clients can book, purchase a gift voucher or leave a review.

You can see our demo mini-website here

Stand Alone

If you just want to have an online booking for that you can open from a link on your website then you can use the stand-alone booking page. 

You can see our example booking page here


If you want to display the booking website into a page on your website then the widget can do it for you. It is just an iframe that should be very easy for you or your web developer to insert. 

The code snippet to insert will be something like this.

<iframe src='' frameborder='0' height='800px' com='width:100%'></iframe>


You may not want to have a form embedded directly into your website, you may want to have a button on your page which opens a popup from which users can book. The code to do this is also very easily inserted into your site, this is an example.

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script><div id='youreontime-booking-widget' data-site='demo' data-size='medium' data-theme='Theme12'></div>


Finally, if you have a Facebook page it is a good idea to have a booking tab. As Facebook is where a lot of businesses do their customer communication and being able to direct them to your booking is very important.

There are instructions on adding the Facebook booking here. Facebook Booking

Booking on your phone

All the various methods of online booking with You'reOnTime are designed to be mobile friendly so your clients will have no problem booking on their phone.

The most important thing is that the online booking is easy to use for your clients. Take a preview of all the steps here .

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