Adding a Book Now button to your Facebook page

The best way to add Facebook integration is with the button functionality. 

1. Log onto Facebook and go to your business page and make sure to be using it as your business, not personal account. Once there you will see a button called +  Add a Button, click on this button.

2. On the screen that pops up you will see the option Make a booking with you. Click this button and choose the Book Now option, then click the Next button.

3. On the booking options screen that appears choose the option Link to website.

4. A screen will appear where you can enter the website. This will be the You'reOnTime booking website and it will be a website domain that looks like

The yourname which identifies your site is configured in You'reOnTime in your Online Booking Settings, so you should replace this before entering in the Facebook popup.

 5. Now click the Save button on the popup screen in Facebook and you are ready to go. It will give you a final check where you can click the Finish button.

That's all you have to do, the Book Now button is ready to start taking bookings and boost your business.

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