Letting a client complete a form

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When a client arrives they may have forms to complete, using an iPad or similar device is ideal for this.  Before giving an iPad over to a client to use you should configure it to be in Kiosk mode with the forms.  

Before giving the iPad to the clients make sure it is logged in with your You'reOnTime user login. Click on the icon created when configuring kiosk mode. You will be then redirected to the Forms Code page. Then you can follow these steps for using electronic forms.

  1. When a client arrives click on their appointment and the Appointment Options will appear. Click on the Arrive Appointment option and a list of forms will appear that the client needs to enter.  

  2. Each form will have their own code that will appear and can be used to open the form on the iPad. 

  3. Type this code into the forms application on the iPad and click submit.

  4. The Form will now be displayed on the iPad. Hand it over to the client to complete and make sure they click submit at the end when completed.

The form is now stored on the clients details record and can be viewed on the Forms tab of the client.


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