Configuring your iPad for self check in or forms

GIf you are using an iPad on your front counter for self check in or forms you should lock it down into "kiosk mode" for use. What this means is not enabling the user to go to any application other than the You'reOnTime Check In or Forms screen.

Creating a home screen shortcut

To enable a website to operate in full-screen mode, not in a normal browser where the user can navigate away, you need to add a home screen shortcut. This assumes you are using iOS 7 or above.

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPad.
  2. Enter the address to bring up the check in login page or if you are configuring the iPad for forms use enter in here instead. Important: Don't log in yet. 
  3. Click the Share button in Safari and click the Add to Home Screen option 4. When the Add To Home bubble appears click Add.


Turning on Guided Access

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to General > Accessibility.
  3. Tap on Guided Access (Scroll down the page a little, it’s under the Learning section).
  4. In the Guided Access settings, switch on Guided Acess.
  5. Tap on Passcode Settings, then tap on Set Guided Access Passcode (this will prevent users from leaving Guided Access mode). 

    Enter a passcode.

Running the application

You should be all set up and ready to run the check-in in kiosk mode now. We recommend holding the iPad in portrait to get maximum usability.

  1. Click on the shortcut to check in or forms created in the first section above on your home screen.
  2. Log into You'reOnTime using your normal login.
  3. Click the home button three times very quickly. When you do this a message will appear that says Guided Access
  4. Select the Hardware Buttons that you want available to the users. 
  5. Press Start to enter kiosk mode.

You are now ready to safely hand over your iPad to clients to use.

To get out of Kiosk mode click the home button very quickly 3 times again and enter your passcode.


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