Including processing times in services

There may be times when you have an appointment with multiple services where you want to have a gap between services for processing. For example, if a hair client has Foils, followed by Cut and Blow dry, the foils may take 30 minutes where another appointment could be slotted in between.

To set up the processing time for your services follow these steps. 

  1. Click on Settings in the side menu

  2. In the Settings screen, under Services lick the Manage Your Services link. 

  3. Search for a service to add the processing time to by entering the name or selecting a category and then clicking on the service.

  4. Scroll down to the Service Details section, then enter the time required Processing Length field. You will be able to change this when adding the appointment if required.

    Note: You can also specify when the processing time starts in the Processing Starts After field.

  5. Click Save to commit the changes.

Selecting Processing Time during appointment

  1. Go to the Appointments screen and add an appointment as usual.

  2. In the Add Appointment screen. Choose the client to make the appointment with, then select the service for which you have just set up the processing time. It will then be moved down to the Selected Services section and a drop-down list will be displayed where you can change the Processing Time if required.
  3. Now click on Save Appointment.
  4. Return to the appointment screen. You will notice there is a gap for the processing time in the appointment.
  5. Click in the gap between the services to make another new appointment
  6. After adding this appointment you will be returned to the Appointment Screen. You will notice the new appointment is between the two services for the existing appointment.

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