Create a Business Apple Developer Account

  1. Get your Custom Branded App on the App Store by enrolling in the Apple Developer program. All you need is an Apple ID. Don't worry if you don't have one yet – simply create an account using your business email, not your personal one.

  2. To create a new Apple ID, go to Apple's Create Your Apple ID page and complete the form using the company email address, the same business email address from Your Business Details

  3. Apple will send a six-digit verification code after filling out the form and you will need to enter this code to complete registration. Additionally, you will need to set up Two-Factor Authentication for the account. For more information, please refer to Apple's Two-Factor Authentication page.

  4. Since this process operates solely within Apple, the support team at You'reOnTime has limitations on the assistance they can offer. If you experience any issues with your Apple ID, we suggest contacting Apple themselves. If you have forgotten your password click here, or if you need help managing and using your Apple account click here.

  5. Once you have logged into your Apple account, you will need to connect your D-U-N-S number from the previous step. To do that, click here and complete all the details required, making sure that they match the details that you entered when securing your D-U-N-S number from Dun & Bradstreet, and click Continue.

  6. When your business is found, select it from the list and click Continue again. You will then receive an email from within the next 5-10 minutes, detailing your D-U-N-S number. An example of this email is below:

  7. You will proceed by clicking the Enroll now link within the email. Make sure to choose Enrolling as an Organization and thoroughly verify and provide Your Business Details, selecting Company/Organization as the Entity type. Then, enter your Legal Entity Name, D-U-N-S number, website, business phone number, and Tax ID, and click Continue.

  8. Once you've submitted your application, keep an eye on your email for an important message from Apple. They'll be letting you know that your enrollment is being processed. Within the next 72 hours, expect a call from one of their representatives to verify your enrollment. During this call, they'll ask you why you want to become a Developer. Be prepared to confidently answer that you're currently in the process of creating a mobile application tailored specifically for your salon, spa, or studio.

  9. After verifying your information, simply check your inbox for a follow-up email. It's time to pay the $99USD fee and enjoy the benefits of an Apple Developer subscription. To ensure a seamless experience, we suggest selecting the Automatically Renew option. No more worrying about expiration dates or missing payments. Don't risk losing your app's presence on the App Store. Renew your license annually to maintain your Developer status and keep your app thriving.

  10. After your Developer account has been approved, you will now need to add You'reOnTime as an Admin to your Developer account. This simple step gives us the necessary permission to publish your app on your behalf. Login to App Store Connect by clicking here and then click on the Users and Access button.

  11. Click on the People link and then click the + (plus) button, the New User form will appear where you will need to put the following details. Most importantly ensuring that you enter as the Email and checking Admin in Roles and checking Access to Cloud Managed Developer ID Certificates in Additional Resources. Then Click the Invite button to proceed.

  12. Then click the Keys link and then click the + (plus) button. The Generate API Key form will appear, enter Admin User API Key under Name and select the Admin permission under Access

    Back to Keys tab, a record has been created called Admin User API Key, Under the Access column click the Download Link and this will download a file on your computer ending with a P8 extension. This file will allow us to easily release your Custom Branded App and manage any updates in the future. Make sure to keep a back up of the P8 file as it can only be downloaded once.

  13. Email with the subject "Apple Developer Account Invite from Business Code: [your business code]". For example "Apple Developer Account Invite from Business Code 1234" . In the email, inform us of the your business email address you used to open the Apple Developer account, and attach the P8 file. Don't forget, the invites do expire, so send it as soon as possible.

  14. That's Apple done ! Next step is to Create a Google Play Developer Account which is a similar process.

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