Connecting to Square Terminal

Square Terminal is a widely available all in one device that will directly integrate with You'reOnTime to take payments.

Important. This integration will only work with Square Terminal. Square Reader, Stand or Register are not supported.

First steps

Before you can start you will need to create a Square account from their website. You will also need to purchase a Square Terminal device which you can do from the Square website or most office supplies outlets. When you receive your device follow the supplied instructions to connect it to your network, but DO NOT log into the device without following the steps below.

Adding a Square payment type

When you have your device you will need to add a payment type in You'reOnTime.

  1. Click on Settings in the side menu
  2. In the Settings screen under the Payments section   click  the Manage Payment Types option
  3. In the Payment Type Search screen click Add a New Payment Type
  4. You will now be in the screen ready to add a new payment type. Firstly, make sure you choose Square as the Payment Category. Then also add a name. If you have multiple locations and this device is just used at one should also choose a location.
  5. Now you should click the Pair to Square Terminal button to connect to the terminal.

  6. This will take you away to the Square login page where you can log into your account and accept the permissions required. 
  7. After logging into your account you will be redirected to the Square payment type you created and a pop up screen will be displayed with a code similar to this.

  8. Now go back to your Square Terminal that you previously set up and connected to your network, it should be displaying the login screen on the terminal. On the login screen choose the Sign In option.

  9. Then on the Sign In screen choose the Use a Device Code option. Do not enter the username and password of your Square account.

  10. Now when you are on the Sign in with Device Code screen enter the code that is displayed on the popup screen in You'reOnTime and click Sign In. If you have entered the code correctly the Square Terminal should set itself up and then display the black Ready to take a payment screen. The popup screen in You'reOnTime should disappear automatically after a few seconds.

Your terminal is now connected and you are ready to take payments.

Taking a payment

Now to take a payment with your Square Terminal is easy. Just perform a sale as you normally would and choose the Square payment type.

After clicking the Complete Payment button the Square Terminal will prompt to take a payment. Your Square terminal is now fully configured.

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