Selling a Prepaid Service

Selling a Prepaid Service is a lot like performing a normal sale, with one or two key differences. For a refresher on performing a sale, please click here.

Prepaid services can be added to any sale, but for this example, we'll create a new sale as if a customer has just walked in to prepurchase their service for a later, undetermined date. 

  1. Open the Sales screen by clicking on Sales
  2. Add the client by clicking the Add Client to Sale button.Enter the client name and again, click the Add Client to Sale button.
  3. To select the service, click on the +Service button.
    Select the service from the dropdown menu and ensure the Pre-purchase service checkbox is ticked. Then click AddRepeat this step if pre-purchasing multiple services. 
  4. Complete the sale as usual. 

You can view prepaid services on the client's history by clicking on the Prepurchased tab. 

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