Adding a Product

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This guide will show you how you can add products individually. If you have multiple products and would prefer to import them, please see Importing Products.

Adding a Product

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Products & Services, locate the Products subheading and click on Manage Products.
  3. In the Product Search screen, click on the +Add New button.
  4. In the Product Description section, enter the required information for Name and Category. You can also add in any other information for Brand, Product Line or Description if you wish.
  5. Enter relevant barcode information in the Product Details section.

    Note: ensure the Active checkbox is ticked to allow the product to be sold. Tick the Product is available for purchase online checkbox to sell the product on your online store.
  6. Enter your pricing information in the Pricing section.

    Note: Fields with * will require input. Other fields are optional, but recommended.
  7. If you are paying commissions to your staff for selling this product, in the Commisions section tick the checkbox and specify the number of staff points awarded.
  8. In the Loyalty Points Details section you can opt to specify the number of points awarded to customers when they buy the product, and how many points they will need to spend to purchase the product.

Setting the Stock Levels and Available Locations

Here you can set which locations sell the product, what their stock levels are, and if the Price or Tax is different from the main product details.

  1. Click on the Stock Control tab.
  2. Tick the checkboxes next to each of the locations you want to sell the product from. 
  3. If there are any locations the have their Price or Tax different from the main product details, enter these here. In this example, Mobile Me sells this product for 14.95 instead of the standard 9.95.
  4. Next, add your stock levels for each location.

    On Hand is the number of stock currently available at the location.
    Min Level is the number of stock at which point reordering is required.
    Reorder Level is the number of stock that will be reordered when placing an order with your supplier.
  5. Click Save to finish adding your product. 

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