Dashboard Widgets

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The Dashboard allows you to see an up-to-date snapshot of how your business is performing. You can customise and display many performance metrics (Widgets) easily to match the way you do business. 

Types of widgets

There are 3 main types of widgets available. Let's take a quick look at the key differences.

  1. KPI's

    These give you a quick update of how you're performing on this date. For example, the Services Value KPI shows the $ value of your total services for the day. It also includes a day-of-week average and baseline value (click here to learn how to set Baselines). When you reach your KPI baseline the figure will turn green.
  2. Charts

    As expected, charts plot the data visually on a timeline to give you an easy to read display of more complex metrics. You can hover over the chart to see callouts of the data.Use the scrollbar to change the visible timeline.
  3. Dashboards

    These are scrollable tables which list key details of the latest transactions, cancellations, bookings, products, etc.You can scroll through the list to see additional records.Filter the results by choosing All, Month, Week or Today.Click on hyperlinks to see more details.

Setting up widgets

To get the most out of the dashboard, you'll need to choose which widgets you want to display.

  1. Click on the Dashboard option on the sidebar.
  2. Click on the Setup button in the top-right corner.
  3. Select the KPI's, Charts and Dashboards you would like to include. Then click Save.
  4. The dashboard will instantly be updated with your selections.

Now you're up and running with Dashboards.

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