SMS Marketing

  1. Click on the Marketing menu as shown below:

  2. This will show the SMS & Email Marketing screen.

  3. This will initially display all your clients. For this example, we just want to target a few VIP clients. In the With Label field, select VIP and the screen will only display your VIP clients as shown below. Note: You may have to set up Client Labels if you haven't already done so.

  4. Simply click the Send SMS's button and the SMS Marketing screen will appear shown below:

  5. You can choose a template or simply start typing a text message in the Message field. Remember this is limited to 160 characters for SMS text.
  6. Merge fields are place holders for values that will be replaced when the message is sent. For example: ClientFirstname will be replaced with David and so on. To insert a merge field, simply put your cursor in the message box where you want the field to appear and click on the merge field link. 
  7. You can also preview your SMS message by typing in your number in the Test Mobile Number field and clicking Send Preview Reminder SMS
  8. Click the Send SMS(s) button to generate new business via SMS Marketing. 


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