How do I set up a contact free, social distancing arrival process?

COVID-19 has forced upon us many changes, including enforced social distancing in your business. This may mean that you are not allowed to have people waiting for you in reception and may require them to wait in their car or somewhere external. You'reOnTime can allow you to set up touch free socially distant process to handle this.

Step 1, allow your clients to let you know when they arrive without coming in.

The first thing you need to do is allow your clients to let you know when they arrived without actually coming in. This is very easy to do in your SMS reminders, all you need to do is include a ArriveUrl field in the message.

Read these instructions on setting up SMS reminders.

Then in the message include a field [ArriveUrl] in the message so it will be something like this

This is a reminder of your appointment at [BusinessName] on [AppointmentDate] [AppointmentTime]. Reply with YES to confirm. When you arrive please stay in your car and click this link to notify us [ArriveUrl]

The client will click the link and which will automatically set their appointment as arrived in your system, changing it's colour and letting you know they are waiting.

Step 2, notify clients when it is their turn

Now the client will be able to wait in their car until it is their turn, which will hopefully be a short wait. Then all you have to do is click on their appointment on the Send SMS option.

The message you send them can be configured in one of your SMS Templates so you don't have to type it each time.

And that's it, a few easy steps to setting up social distancing in your salon and keeping your clients and staff safe.

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