How to sell products online

For many businesses, a core part of income revenue stems from the sale of products. So having an easy and convenient way for your clients to purchase products online when they are unable to visit you is very useful and easy to set up. There are a couple of steps to get going.

Choosing the products to set up

It is likely you don't want to sell all your products online, for example, business use products you have you probably won't sell. Similarly, you might not sell low price products unless they are bundled in a pack.

To set the products you want to sell.

  1. Go to Settings in the left side menu.
  2. In Settings under the Products & Services section choose Manage Products.
  3. Click on a product that you wish to sell online.
  4. Scroll down to the Product Details section and tick the Product is available for purchase online box to make this product available for purchase online.
  5. Click the Save button to save this change.Repeat this for each product you wish to sell. 

    While in the products and making them available you might want to upload some photos for each product to make them more attractive on the store. You can do this on the Photos tab on each product.

    Note: If you have lots of products to sell online, then get in contact with You'reOnTime support and we can help you do them in bulk.

Enabling Stripe to take payments

To sell the products online you will need to set up a Stripe account. Stripe is a payment gateway that allows taking credit card details via your website. Instructions for setting up Stripe are here:

Enable product sales in Online Booking

Once you have chosen the products you can turn on the store.

  1. Go to Settings in the side menu.
  2. In the Settings screen, under the Online Booking heading click on Online Booking Settings
  3. In the Online Booking Setup screen, scroll down to the Store section.In here there are a few different options.

    Allow products to be purchased online
    This basically turns on or off the Store menu from your online booking mini-website.Use stock control to manage ordering quantities
    By enabling this option people will only be able to buy products that are in stock according to your on-hand levels.Allow in store pickup
    Enabling this option will allow your customers to choose the option to pick up their order in-store.Shipping cost
    If you apply a shipping cost to orders then this will automatically be added to the order.Order level at which shipping is free
    Sometimes you might want to have a level at which shipping becomes free. For example order over $100 and shipping is free. This is where to set that level.Terms and conditions to display on store
    On the front page of your store, this is where you can set any terms or messages you want the clients to be able to see.Terms and conditions to display on payment
    On the checkout page of the store, this is where you can set additional terms. For example, it might be a no-refunds policy.Location to use as warehouse for stock control
    This is the location from which the products will be shipped if you have more than one location. This is also the location where the stock control will be applied. If selling products is a large part of your business you might want to set up a dedicated warehouse location.
  4. Once you have set all these up you can click the Save option and your store will now be ready.

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