How to sell Gift Vouchers Online

Gift vouchers are a widely used commodity and one of the simplest methods of gifting a present to someone without having to decide what specifically to buy him/her.  When purchased online they will be the same as any voucher you have sold in-store with their details recorded and the ability to be redeemed. The voucher will be attached to the email the client receives after purchase.  

To sell the vouchers Online you will need to set up a Stripe account. Stripe is a payment gateway that allows taking credit card details via your website. Instructions for setting up Stripe are here

In this guide, we are assuming you have already set up and are selling vouchers in-store, but if you have not done that yet you can follow the instructions here

Selling vouchers online

1.  Go into Settings on the welcome menu. 

2.  In the Settings screen, under the Online Booking heading click on Online Booking Settings.  

3.  In the Online Booking Setup screen, scroll down to Gift Vouchers. Select the options that are right for your business. Be sure to tick the Allow gift vouchers to be purchased online checkbox.

5.  Your website will now display Gift Vouchers in the nav menu.

By default, the Gift Vouchers page will look similar to the screenshot below:

Changing voucher style

The vouchers that are sent to clients by default use our built-in style template. But if you want to change the voucher style to add your own logo, colours and styles you can do so pretty easily.

1. Firstly go to the Settings screen.

2. Click on the option Receipt & Invoice Printing General Settings

3. Once in this screen scroll down to the section Gift Vouchers.

In here click on the link to download a template you can use as a starting point for designing your voucher. This is a Word document that should be easily editable. Once you have finished changing it upload it using the Select File button and click Save.

The vouchers sent to users will now have this new style.

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