Managing Clients on the Waiting List

Once the Waiting List has been turned on clients can now be added to it either manually by using the + Tab or if you have configured a device for Self Check-In.

Manually add a client to Waiting List

1. To Manually add a client to the Waiting List click on the Waiting List Tab and then click on + Tab.2. When you click on the + Tab the Add to waiting list screen will appear. Either Search for existing client or Add a new client when adding a client to the Waiting List. Staff field can either be chosen now or can be left blank.  Services can be entered now or can be entered later. Click Save to add the client to the waiting list.

3.  The client will now show on the Waiting List.

4a.  If the client then says they would like a specific staff member to do the service you can click on the below icon.

4b.  The Select Staff pop up will appear and the staff member may be selected.

4c.  Now the staff member has been selected to perform the service. 

If you are running a virtual queue (you allow your clients to leave the business while they are waiting) you can now use the Send SMS button. This will send them a message to come back now for their appointment.

5. When the staff member is ready to begin the service click Start.

6.  The Select Staff pop up screen will appear and you will be prompted to confirm which staff member will be completing the service. 

Self Check-In

Your business might have a lot of walk-in customers and you may wish to use our Self Check-In feature.  This can be set up on a tablet computer, like an iPad, at your counter where clients can enter their name on the Waiting List.  Follow these instructions to configure your iPad.  Configuring your iPad for Self Check-in or Forms

1. Self Check-In - This example will be for a Walk-In Customer to go on the Waiting List. When the client arrives they will go onto the iPad at the counter and will have a screen similar to this (NB. you can contact support if you require help with customising).  The client will click No.2.  They will then be able to select the First Available or preferred stylist.NB. Staff who are currently on a break will not appear on this screen.3. Select whether they are a New Client or Returning Client.4a. If the Walk-in chooses New Client, this screen will come up and fields will need to be filled in and click OK.

4b. Client clicks OK and will then be placed on the Waiting List.4c. If the Walk-In selects Returning Client, they should either enter in a phone number or email address and click OK.

4d. The client selects their services and Appointment time from the available options.

4e.  Client clicks OK and will then be placed on the Waiting ListNB. This screenshot shows that the yellow represents a client that is waiting and the green is a client that is currently In Progress. 

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