Check In and Out

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The Staff Check In/Check Out functionality is basically clocking in at the beginning of your shift and clocking out at the completion of your shift.

Firstly, a staff member will need to login to You'reOnTime.

1. To login to You'reOnTime, your staff simply enters the common staff Username, Password, your Business Code and click the Login button. 

2. Each staff member will be given their own Pin Number Login.  Once logged in, your staff will be prompted to enter their Pin Number immediately and click Enter. For instructions on how to setup staff PINs, please see the article:

3. By default, after the first login for the day, your staff will be presented with the Staff Check In/Check Out popup. If not, they can click on their name in the top-right corner and select Staff Check In/Check Out.

5.  Staff Check In/Check Out screen will pop up which will display the staff members name, date and Check In Time. Click OK.

6. Once your work shift is finished just follow steps 2 - 5 and the Check Out Time will automatically be filled and then click OK.

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