Setting up Pin Numbers for Staff

  1. Click Settings in the side menu.

  2. In the Settings screen, scroll down to the Staff Management section and click the Staff General Settings link

  3. In the Staff General Settings screen, in the Pin Number Details section, tick the box for the Requires users to log into the system.. field and enter 30 or 60 in the Automatically log out after seconds field. Then click Save 

  4. Back in the Settings screen, again under Staff Management click the Manage Staff link 

  5. This will prompt the Staff Search screen, click the Add a new Staff member button on the right hand side menu to add new a staff member.

  6. Create a new staff member with the following Details:

    a) Firstname: [Your Location Name]
    b) Surname: Staff
    c) Login User Name: staff
    d) Password: [Set your staff password here - it must contain at least 5 letters and with at least 1 number and a symbol: eg: beauty01! ]
    e) User Level: Staff
    f) Make sure Available for Online Bookings and Change password on next logon boxes are NOT TICKED 
  7. Click the Save button

  8. This will prompt the Staff Search screen, click on one of your staff member records

  9. In the Staff Edit screen, in the Security section, enter a unique Pin Number for the staff member

  10. Click the Save button

  11. Repeat steps 8. to 10. for each of your staff members

  12. Inform your staff of the common staff username and password outlined in step 6. and of their unique Pin Numbers outlined in step 9, your Business Code and the You'reOnTime login link  to log into the system.

  13. To log in to You'reOnTime, your staff simply enters the common staff Username, Password, your Business Code and click the Log in button. 

  14. Once logged in, your staff will be prompted to enter their Pin Number immediately. 
  15. Once the correct Pin Number has been entered, your staff will see the home screen.
  16. This way your staff can login with a common user name and password and also use this Pin Numbers when adding appointments, performing sales etc. And most importantly do not have access to management settings and reports that should only be privy to manager users of the system.

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