Selling a service from a package

  1. If a client has a package and they wish to use one of the services in the package, simply send the appointment to Sale and follow the steps below. 
  2. If a service provided in the appointment is part of a package, and the client has a balance for that package, the amount of the sale will automatically be reduced for that service.

    In the example below, the client has previously purchased the "Full Colour Package" of 10 services. She currently has a balance of 9 remaining so the "Full Colour - Long" service she received today has no charge. She will still have to pay for the "Long Ladies Cut" as this is not included in the package.  Continue processing the sale as normal to complete the sale.
  3. You can see your client's remaining Package Balance at any time in the Client History:OR by clicking on the Package Lookup button in the Sales screen:This will show you the package balances for all of your clients:

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