Adding Your First Appointment

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Adding appointments and changing them is something you will spend a fair bit of your time doing. Luckily it is both quick and easy to do so.

1.  When on the appointments screen find the date and time you want to book the appointment for.  Changing dates is just a matter of clicking the calendar on the right of the screen.  Once you have found the time just click on the timeslot to bring up the  Appointment Menu.

2.  When the menu appears click the Add Appointment button to bring up the Add Appointment screen.

3.  When in the Add Appointment screen the first thing you should do is to add the Client to the appointment.  You can search for one of your existing clients using their phone number or name.  If you want to add a new client just click the New Client button.

4.  After choosing the client click on the name of the service you want to book in the center column.

5.  Clicking on the service will bring up the details for that service where you may wish to override the default time, or change the price.  If you are happy with the service click the Confirm Service button.  You can now repeat the process and add as many services to the appointment as you wish.

6.  Once the services are added they will appear on the column on the right.  Here you can change the order, remove the service or change it's details.

7.  Assuming you are happy with the booking you can now just click Save Appointment and you will be returned to the Appointments screen and the booking will now show in the diary.

That's all you have to do.  If you want to change the appointment, move it to a different day or time, or change it's status please about Editing Your Appointment.

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