Editing Your Appointment

If you have an appointment you need to change then it is very easy, as easy as adding an appointment. There are a couple of ways you can change them.

Using the edit screen

If you need to change the services that are in an appointment then you will need to use the edit appointment screen. If you just want to move an appointment to a different time slot it will probably be faster to use the Drag and Drop or Move options below.

  1. For the appointment you want to edit  Click on the appointment on the calendar, be it in Day View, Week View or Month View.  
    From the Appointment Option pop up you will be able to manage the existing appointment. You can update the status of the appointment, or take a number of actions, including editing the appointment. 

  2. Click the Edit Appointment button from the Appointment Options.  

  3. You will be taken to the Edit Appointment screen. Here you can change the client, staff member, day/time and service. 

  4. When you have made your changes, click Save Appointment.  

Moving an appointment to a different day

Sometimes you might have a client booked on a particular day and you want to move that appointment to another day, without changing any of the services booked. To do this is very easy.

  1. Click on the appointment to bring up the Appointment Options.

  2. On the appointment options click on the Move Appointment button. A notification will appear on the bottom right of the screen to let you know the appointment is on the clipboard and can be moved.

  3. Change the date in the appointments calendar to be the new date you wish to move it to and then click on the time slot to move it into. The normal appointment menu will appear with a new button saying Paste Appointment from Clipboard

  4. The appointment will now be moved over to the new date and time and removed from the original time.

Moving an appointment with drag and drop

If you wish to move an appointment to a new time slot on the same day then it is very easy. Simply drag and drop by clicking on an appointment and while holding the mouse button down move it to a new time slot or staff member. This is especially useful if you have an appointment with multiple services you wish to move to other staff members, possibly to even have them performed at the same time.

When dragging a notification will appear with the original time to remind you of where you dragged it from.

When you finish dragging you will be prompted to confirm the move.

Confirming the appointment

  1.  After the appointment date and time has been confirmed with the client, then click the Confirm Appointment link to confirm the appointment in the system.

  2. Your appointment is now Confirmed. An appointment can be confirmed manually as we have shown above, or via Automatic SMS Reminders

    The appointment block of time will change to colour. Again, this can be changed via the Appointment General Settings option in the Settings screen. 


Arriving the appointment

Once your client has arrived click on the appointment. This will prompt the  Appointment Options pop up screen again. Click on the Arrive Appointment link to flag that the client has arrived.  

One of the advantages of using the Arrive option when a client arrives is it will alert you to any notes they have stored against them in the system or will prompt you with any outstanding electronic forms.

The appointment block of time will change to the arrive colour. You can configure the colouring of your appointments, read our article here to learn how. 

Cancelling the appointment

If you have a client cancel an appointment you can change the status to cancelled.

Please click on appointment to be cancelled.  The  Appointment Options screen will pop up and click on the Cancel button to bring up the Cancellation options.  

The cancellation screen will now be displayed. In here you can enter a note with the reason for cancelling which is important for storing on the clients historical records. You can also enter a message that will be sent via SMS to client.

If the appointment is a repeat booking with future appointments and you wish to cancel them all, click the Cancel future repeat appointments option.

Once done you can then click OK and the appointment will be cancelled. It will disappear from the appointments screen and another appointment can be booked in it's timeslot.

It is important to note, you shouldn't cancel appointments that were made by mistake, you should use the Delete option to do that. And similarly, you shouldn't Delete appointments that the client cancelled.

Assuming all has gone well and your client has arrived and you have performed the services required, you can now perform a sale for the appointment.

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