Adding a Staff Discount

  1. ou may want to set up an on-going discount such as a Staff or Family and Friends Discount. This is a discount that is always available.  

  3. Click on the Settings link on top-right hand corner, in the Settings screen under Marketing click on the Manage Your Promotions and Discounts link

  4. In the Promotion Search screen, click the Add a new Promotion  button as shown below:

  5. n the Details for new Promotion screen, simply follow the steps illustrated below. You must enter a Promotion Title, Start Date, Discount Type and Discount Amount. Leave the Location field blank if you have multiple locations and would like the discount available to all.  

  6. In the Promotion Availability section,  tick all of Days of the week the discount is available, and when it repeats. 


  7. In the Apply to the following Items section, since it is an on-going discount to your Staff or Friend and Family, select all the items (Classes, Products, Services or Vouchers) available. Then click the Save Button


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