Adding a Product Sale Promotion

  1. You may want to have a sale on products for a period of time. You'reOnTime allows you to have these discounts automatically apply during checkout  to products on sale during the given period. 
  3. Click on the Settings link on top-right hand corner, in the Settings screen under Marketing click on the Manage Your Promotions and Discounts link

  4. In the Promotion Search screen, click the Add a new Promotion  button as shown below:

  5. In the Details for new Promotion screen, simply follow the steps illustrated below. You must enter a Promotion Title, Start Date, Discount Type and Discount Amount. Tick the Always Apply Promotion checkbox  so the discount is applied every time the product is added to the sale.

  6. In the Apply to the following Items section, select Product items the discount is valid for. Then click the Save Button

  7. The Promotion Search screen will appear stating that the Promotion has been saved. Then click on the promotion record.  
  8. In the Promotion Details screen under the Apply to the following Items section, click the Click here to send an SMS message...  link to let your clients know about the product sale. 

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