Configuring the Star TSP650II WebPRNT

The Star TSP650II WebPRNT will allow you to quickly print receipts from You'reOnTime with the maximum amount of ease. To install you Star TSP650II WebPRNT you should follow these steps:

Plug in the Star TSP 650 power cord and an Ethernet cable from the printer to a port on your router.

2) Ensure power button is in off position, hold down the FEED button in front, and then turn the power switch on

3) One sheet of paper will print out and tear off, after a few seconds another will print out

4) On the second sheet of paper find the section at the bottom that says Current IP Parameters Status. Under this a value will be displayed for IP Address, something like Take note of this value.

5) Click on the Settings link the on the Welcome Menu on the top right-hand corner. In the Settings screen, under the Clients, Payments section click on the Receipt & Invoice Printing General Settings link as shown below: 

6) In the Settings screen, in the Printer section select 80mm Receipt as the Receipt format and tick the Print receipt ticked by default field to always print receipts when making a payment.  

7) In the Receipt printer type field select Star TSP650II WebPRNT option. A box will appear next to it labeled IP Address of web printer. In this field enter the IP address from step 4. And click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Your Star TSP650II WebPRNT is now configured and ready to go. When printing receipts from the sales screen it will go directly to the printer of no browser preview required. 

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