Modify A Client Record

  1. Click on Clients in the side menu

  2. The Client Search screen will appear, displaying all your clients.  

  3. To modify a client record, simply click on a record to view their details, let's click on Jenny Jones for this example.

  4. The Details for Jenny Jones screen will appear, displaying her details regarding their Personal DetailsAddress DetailsRemindersPromotionsLabels, AccountLoyalty Points and History.

  5. Modify the client record as you like and then click the Save button 

  6. You may want to Delete a client record, in that case simply click the Delete button 

  7. You will be prompted to make sure you want to delete the record, click the Yes button to proceed.

That's it, simple really You may wish to contact your client, you can do easily do that via  SMS or  Email.. 

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