Adding a Groupon-Style Promotion

  1. During your slow  business periods,  you can use Promotions to attract new and existing clients to generate more business. In this example, we will set up your own Groupon-Style promotion. It is a Multi-Code promotion whereby you can set the number of discounts available your clients can use to receive the promotion. This can be done via Online booking or in the Sales screen during the payment process.
  3. Click on the Settings link on top-right hand corner, in the Settings screen under Marketing click on the Manage Your Promotions and Discounts link

    n the Promotion Search screen, click the Add a new Promotion  button as shown below:


  5. In the Details for new Promotion screen, simply follow the steps illustrated below. You must enter a Promotion Title, Start Date, Discount Type and Discount Amount. Make sure to also enter an End Date for the promotion. In the Discounts Available field, enter the number of times the promotion can be used. To enable the multi-code promotion tick the Code Required? checkbox, select MultiCode in the Promotion Type field. Enter the code in the Valid Codes field separated by a carriage return (Enter key).
    n the Promotion Availability section, tick which Days of the week the promotion will be available. Also select how often the promotion will be available. For example if it is available all the time with in the given Start and End Date tick all the Days and Repeat every 1 Week.  If it is available every second week (such as Pensioner specials) then Repeat every 2 Weeks 

  6. In the Apply to the following Items section, select all the items (Classes, Products, Services or Vouchers) the promotion is valid for. Then click the Save Button

  8. The Promotion Search screen will appear stating that the Promotion has been saved. Then click on the promotion record.
  10. In the Promotion Details screen under the Apply to the following Items section, click the Click here to send an SMS message...  link to let your clients know about the promotion. 

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