Add A New Client Record

  1. Click the Client tab again, and click the Add a new Client button on the top right-hand corner.

  2. This will prompt the Details for new Client screen. The Surname and Mobile are the only fields that are compulsorily denoted by the red star. But it is best to fill in as much detail as possible about your client. Enter in their Personal and Address details as shown below:

  3. You can save the client right now, or you may wish to enter a Client Note. To enter a note, move across to the Notes tab section and click the And Add Note button as shown below: 

  4. The Client Notes screen will appear, enter the client note and click the Save button

  5. It will notify you that the client note has been saved, and then return back to the Details for Client screen. You can edit and see your saved notes by going back to the Notes tab again and you will see that the note has been added. 

  6. Click the Save button to save the client and related note.
  7. The Client Search screen will again appear. We can search for the client by typing in their first name in the search box.

    You can easily also, modify a client record.


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