Using Stax Payments

Stax is a payments provider that will allow easy integration with modern payments terminals for card terminals. In order to use Stax you will need to sign up at Once you have signed up they will be able to provide you with an API Key and a Web Payments Token.

The API Key allows you to take terminal card payments and the Web Payments Token allows you to take web payments.

Once you have these from Stax there are a few steps to configure the terminals.

Setting up a Payment Type

For any new payment type you must first configure it in settings. To do so

  1. Go to Manage Payment Types from the Settings screen

  2. Click Add New Payment Type

  3. Enter the details of the payment type. Make sure to choose Stax as the Payment Category, You should also enter the API Key and Web Payments Token as described above.

    If you have more than one location you may have a different Stax account for each location. In that case make sure to choose the Location here and create a new payment type for each location.

Setting up a Terminal

Once you have the payment type you need to configure the terminals. For each payment terminal you have in the store you will need to configure a terminal.

  1. From the Settings screen click on the Manage Terminals option.

  2. Click Add New Terminal

  3. Enter all the details for the Stax terminal. If you have more than one location then make sure to choose that location.
  4. Click Save to go back to the terminal list and then enter the Terminal again. This will have registered the terminal and done a lookup of your Stax account to view all the terminals you have available.

    Choose the Stax EFT Terminal

For each terminal you have configured in your Stax account you will need to create a new Terminal to link it up.

Performing Sales

Once you setup the payment type and terminal you can now start performing sales.

  1. Create a sale as you normally would, using either an appointment or just manually creating a sale. When you are performing the sale make sure to select the terminal you configured above.

  2. Now when you complete the sale and are performing the payment you can choose the Stax payment type. This will then connect to the terminal and prompt to enter the credit card details.

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