Custom Branded App Settings

This guide will detail how to configure and customise your branded app to truly make it your own! Everything is configured through You'reOnTime to make it as easy as possible.

To start, go to Settings and under Online Booking, click on the Client App Settings Link.

Firstly, let's discuss the Details section

The Theme Colour can be customised to change the colour of your app's user interface to better resemble your brand identity!

Clicking on Theme Colour will open a colour customiser that can be set to any colour of your choice.

For reference, I have set a demonstration colour as:

This change will now be reflected in the app:

In much the same vein, the Home Screen Banner Image will be the first image your clients see when they open the app, and can be changed to you liking.

Clicking on select file and changing the banner image will have its changes reflected like so:

This new image will now be shown in-app:

Following on from this, the Client Terms will allow you to customise your Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy and Cancellation Policy to make it easy for your clients to access.

These terms can be found within the app by navigating to Account from the bottom drawer of the app

From here, simply click on the button corresponding to the term you'd like to view, and a popup will appear:

Next, we will look at the Image Gallery that can be accessed by navigating to the Image Gallery tab at the top of the settings screen:

Accessing the image gallery presents a multitude of photos that you can upload to give your clients examples of your work, or an insight into the layout of your salon

To contribute to the gallery, simply scroll down and click on Add Photo:

Once clicked, you will then be greeted with this popup:

Once an image has been uploaded, and an optional note has been entered, click Ok to confirm the upload:

These uploaded images can now be viewed in app:

Firstly, navigate to the About Us section from the bottom drawer:

Then, tap on the Gallery to view all of the uploaded photos:

And that's it! Once all of your changes are confirmed please ensure that you navigate back to the Client App Settings page, scroll down and click Save

Once your changes are saved, all of your preferences will be instantly updated in-app. It's just that simple.

Next, start marketing your app to your clients!

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