Booking An Appointment

The You'reOnTime app is a powerful companion for you and your business. These guides are designed to teach you how to navigate the new-look application with ease.

  1. Booking an appointment is more simple than ever with the You'reOnTime app! Simply click Book An Appointment and follow along:

  1. After clicking the button, if your salon has multiple locations, your clients will be prompted to select their preferred location from the next screen:

  1. Then, simply select a service from the dropdown list like so - remember, these can all be configured to your liking!

  1. The downward-facing arrows on the right side of the dropdown menu signify the number of services linked to that specific segment.

Again, these can all be customised to your specifications.

  1. Once a service has been selected, you are presented with a continue button. Clicking this will then allow you to pick an available staff member.

  1. From this screen, simply select the staff member of your choice, or the first available staff member

  1. Once your preferred staff member is selected, just select your date:

  1. Then select your preferred time as indicated:

  1. Then tap on continue, and you will be greeted with this screen:

  1. Then, just tap go to payment - which is where a configurable deposit can be paid for.

  1. Once your payment details are entered, you're all set!

  1. That's it! It is really that simple and easy to book appointments with the You'reOnTime app.

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