Creating Email Templates

Create a New Template, or Edit an Existing one

  1. Click on the Marketing menu as shown below:
  2. Select Manage Email Templates from the available options.
  3. From the Email Template Search screen, select a template to edit or click +Add New

Editing the Template

The Email Template screen is where you can customise the template. 

  1. In the first section, there are a few options for you to complete: 

    Template Type: Select the type that best matches your template.

    Title: This is the name of the template and will be how you can identify which template to pick from in other areas of You'reOnTime.

    Email Subject: This is the email subject that the recipient will see.

  2. Next, you can either click Select Template to choose one of the included templates and edit it to your liking, or you can create a new one from scratch. 

    In this example, we're going to use an existing birthday template and edit it to include an offer for 25% of their next booking.  After clicking the Select Template button, we will choose the template that seems most fitting. 

  3. You can edit the template using tools that are similar to modern email and word processing applications. 

    With these tools, you can edit the change the text colour and style, add links or images, insert tables and much more. 

  4. You can also add attachments that will be included with your email, or set the language of your template. These options appear below the template editor. 

    The Language option is useful if you live in a region where clients may choose from a number of languages. This option tells You'reOnTime which language the template is for so that the correct version of the template is used based on the client's chosen language. If you don't want to offer multiple language options you can just leave this as Default Language.

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