Configuring Upsells

Upselling is quick and easy in You'reOnTime. You can easily add upsell options to any service by following the steps below. 

  1. Go to Settings > Services > Manage Services.
  2. Select the service you want to add upsells to.
  3. Click on the Upsells tab.
  4. Click all of the services you want as upsells from the list of Available services on the left. Each service you click will be moved to the Selected services list on the right.
    Note: If you want to remove a service, simply click on it in the list on the right and it will be removed.
  5. Once you have added all of the upsell services, click Save.

Now you will be prompted each time you create a booking for the service that you configured upsells for. All available upsells will be listed in the prompt. 

Upsells will even be displayed when customers make online bookings!

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