Using a New Package at Time of Sale

Sometimes your customers might want to purchase and use the first session of a package in the same transaction. In the below example we will show how to change a booking from a single service to the first use of a new package purchase.

First we will edit the current service.

  1. Locate the appointment and send to sale as normal.

  2. In the sales screen we will initially see the appointment as it was originally booked. This service is a single service appointment, but we will change it to a package and utilise the first session in the package.

  3. Click on the service to bring up the Edit Service panel. 

  4. In the Edit Service panel, change the price to 0 and click Update. This will remove the total cost of the service that was completed without deleting it. 

    Confirm that the total of the service has been reduced to $0.

Now we will add the package to the sale.

  1. Click on +Service then select the package from the service drop-down list. 

  2. Ensure that New Package Sale is ticked and click Add.

  3. Confirm the sale looks correct, then complete the sale as normal. 

Checking the customer's package balance

You can check the Package Balance of any customer by going to their customer history and clicking on the Packages tab.

You can see the number of sessions Purchased, Used, allocated for Future Bookings, and finally, the Balance.

For this example, we can see that 1 session was used in the sale we edited and processed in the previous steps. 

For more information on Package Balances, please click here:  Understanding Package Balances

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