Staff Commissions

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You'reOnTime offers the ability to automatically calculate and report your staff commissions. This can be customised in a number of ways including individual rates per staff member, service, product, etc. We will begin with setting standard commission rates per staff member.

Setting Staff Commissions

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Under the Staff heading, click on Staff Commissions.
  3. On the Staff Commission page, your staff will be listed in the leftmost column of the table with columns for commission percentages per category of sale (Services, Products, etc.) on the right. You can set individual commission rates per employee and category of sale. 
  4. Enter the commission percentage per staff in the relevant fields. In the example below, all staff (except Noelle Grace) will receive 40% commission on services and 15% commission on products. Noelle will receive 30% for services and 12.5% for products. 
  5. Once you have finished configuring your commission rates, click Save.

Overriding Commission Values for Specific Services

You may want to raise or lower the commission values for certain services or products while keeping a standard commission for everything else. You can achieve this by setting the commission for individual services or products in their settings. Below, we will show an example of setting a custom commission for a service.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the  Products & Services section and click on Manage Services
  3. Click on the service you want to customise.
  4. In the service details screen, click on the Staff tab.
  5. In the Commission % column, enter the commission % you want to set for this service for the staff member(s). In this example, we have overridden the standard commission rate for Noelle Grace, so that she will now receive a 40% commission when doing this particular service. 
  6. When you have finished setting your commission overrides for the service, click Save.

Commission Reports

There are two staff commission reports available: Staff Commission report and Staff Commission Detailed report. For more information on accessing, exporting and scheduling reports, please see our Reports Help Section.

Staff Commission Report:

The Staff Commission report summarises the commissions per employee for the selected period. In the example below, we can see that the employee receives a Service Commission of 30% on $716 Service Sales. This equates to $214.80 as shown in the Total Commission column.

Staff Commission Detailed Report:

The Staff Commission Detailed report breaks down commissions for each staff member by sales date, client and service/product

Paying Commissions

Staff commissions can be paid in a couple of ways. You can print a report (as shown above) to include the commission when paying your wages, or you can pay them directly from the till at the end of the day. 

Paying from the till

  1. From the Sales screen or during End of Day Banking, click on the No Sale button.

    Sales ScreenEnd of Day Banking Screen: 
  2. Select Commission paid out from the Reason to open drawer list, select the Staff member and enter the commission amount in Cash taken from the drawer. Click OK to confirm and open the till.

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