Checking the Audit Log

Can't figure out who moved that appointment, when that payment was reversed, or just want to know which of your staff are running certain reports and when? Try checking the Audit Log.

As the name suggests, the Audit Log records many of the tasks performed in You'reOnTime and can be reviewed at any by following the steps below.

Reviewing the Audit Log

  1. Go to Settings......scroll down to Miscellaneous and click on View Audit Log.
    This will bring up the Audit log for today.
  2. You can filter the Audit Log Start and End dates for a broader search, or to narrow down on a specific date.

    Note: The dates selected relate to the date of the task you have audited on, not necessarily the date of the booking. 
  3. Click on the Audit Type drop-down menu to filter on the type of task you want to see (or leave it blank to see all.)
    Example: Here we are looking at appointments that were deleted between 4/05/2021 and 3/06/2021.

Understanding Audit Logs

Audit logs have a standard format that we will explain further below. 

The heading:

Date & Time of task                  Type of task                Staff member that completed task

The details:

The amount of detail recorded depends on the type of activity. For example, the Add Payment item below includes date/time, invoice number, invoice amount, change given, and payment method. 

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