Booking a Class

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Booking the Class

  1. In the Appointments screen click on the schedule where you would like to book the class.
  2. Select Add Class from the Appointments Menu.
  3. The Add Class window will appear with the Date, Time, and Staff (teacher) pre-filled. Select the Class, then confirm the Length and period the class runs for are correct. Then click OK.The class will then be added to the Appointments schedule.

Adding Clients to a Class

  1. Click on the class you just booked, and select Add Client To Class from the slide-out menu.
  2. Choose a client from the list.

    Note: you can search for a client by name or phone number in the search bar. Note: If your course runs for more than one class, you will be asked whether you want to add the client to all remaining classes in the course. Click Yes to add them to all classes, or No for just this class.
  3. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for any attendees you want to add to the class. The attendee list will be displayed on the booking in the Appointments schedule.

    When the class is fully booked, *** Class is full *** will be displayed and further additions will be prevented.

Processing Class Sales 

  1. In the Appointment screen, click on the class to bring up the slide-out menu. Then click Send To Sale
  2. Select the attendee you want to send to sale. If there are multiple attendees, they will all be listed.
  3. You can now process the payment as normal. 

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