Creating a Group Booking

You'reOnTime makes adding a Group Booking quick and easy. In this article, we'll go through the steps involved to get your Group Bookings up and running in no time.

Enabling Group Bookings

To use the Group Bookings function, you will first need to enable the feature in Settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Appointment General Settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Appointment Setup section, and tick Allow group bookings to be made.
  3. Click Save to commit the changes. You will now be able to accept group bookings. 

Adding a Group Booking

The process of adding a group booking is fast and familiar, and it only takes a couple of extra clicks.

  1. Navigate to the Appointments screen.
  2. Create a booking by clicking on a time-slot on the Appointment page.
  3. Select Add Appointment from the Appointments Menu.
  4. Add the first client and their services, and ensure that the Group Booking checkbox has been ticked.
  5. Click on the Save Appointment button. A Group Booking popup will be displayed asking if you want to add another person to the booking. Click Yes to add another person.
  6. The booking display will reload with blank details. Add the next client and their services. Then click on the Save Appointment button.
  7. Once you have added all of the clients in the group and saved the appointment, click No when prompted to continue adding clients in the Group Booking popup.
  8. You will now be returned to the Appointments screen where your group booking has now been added.

Sending to Sale

When sending the booking to sale, you can choose to either group or split the payment depending on the clients' preference.

  1. To group the payment, navigate to the Appointments screen and click the name of the first client in the booking.
  2. Click on the Send To Sale button.Select Yes from the Group Booking pop-up to pay for the entire group booking. 
  3. The Sales screen will then display all of the items of the group booking.
  4. Click on the Complete Sale button to take payment like you would any other sale.

Group Bookings in the Self-Service Kiosk

Clients can easily check-in for Group Bookings via the self-service kiosk when they arrive.

  1. From the main menu, the client can select Yes from the group booking option.
  2. The client will then be able to select their group booking by clicking on an option from the list of group bookings for that day. 

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