Adding a Standby Appointment

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The standby list can be used to record clients information who are waiting for an appointment opening in the case of a busy appointment book. You can add them to the standby list and then in the future find a slot that will fit their requirements.

  1. Navigate to the Appointments screen and click on the Standby List tab.
  2. The Standby List displays a list of all of your clients currently waiting on standby. Click on the + button to add a client to the Standby List.
  3. Select your client (or create a new one using the Add a new client button), then enter the relevant details in the fields as required. Add the preferred staff member, services, dates and any other notes as required. Click Save to add the client to the Standby list.
  4. The client will now appear in the Standby list along with their preferred dates and the date they were added to the list.
  5. At any point whilst on the Appointments screen, you can see the number of clients on the Standby list, signified by the number on the Standby List tab.
  6. If necessary, you can click the Edit button to change the preferred staff member, services, dates or notes.
  7. To find a suitable appointment time for the standby appointment, click on the Find button. This will take you to the booking screen.
  8. Here you can search for the best time that fits the details of the standby appointment (date, staff member, etc.). You can choose the staff member and filter on specific days of the week. Click on the Find Appointment button to show available slots.
  9. Now you can choose the most suitable time for your client's appointment. On the left, you will see a list of days with times available. Click on the day to see its available times.
  10. Click on the Preview buttons to see a preview of how that time will fit in with surrounding appointments.
  11. Once you have found the ideal time for the appointment, click on the Book button for that time. In this example, let's book the appointment at 12:00 pm on Thu, August 6th.
  12. Click Yes on the confirmation popup.
  13. The client has now been removed from the Standby List and the appointment has been booked.

You can also assign a  Standby Appointment directly into the Appointment Calendar as shown in the following steps.

  1. To do this, click on the time you want to add the appointment and select Add Standby Appointment.
  2. Select the client from the available clients.
  3. Confirm the details of the appointment then click Save Appointment.
  4. The client has now been removed from the Standby List and the appointment has been booked.

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