Restricting Access to Specific IP Addresses

In the interests of security, you may want to limit which IP Addresses have access to your system, for example if you wanted the system to only be allowed in your business and not accessible from home. We will go through the process of enabling these limits in this guide. 

Enable IP Locking

The first step is enabling the IP Locking feature. This feature allows only Managers to log into the system from new IP Addresses. This means that once a Manager logs into the system from a new IP Address, that IP Address is automatically added to the list of approved IP Addresses that other staff members can log into. 

In short, if a Manager hasn't logged in from a device before, then no staff can log in from it.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Staff General Settings
  2. Tick the Only allow logins from manager approved IP addresses checkbox. By default, this will only allow Managers to log into the system from a new IP Address.
  3. Click the Save button.

If a staff member other than a Manager attempts to log in from an unauthorised IP Address, they will see the screen below, and will not be able to access the system.

Allowing Other Security Levels to Approve Login IP Addresses

By default, only users with the Manager Security Level will be able to log in from new IP Addresses. You can also enable the ability to approve IP Addresses for other Security Levels.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security Levels
  2. From here you can see which Security Levels Can approve login IP Addresses. You can enable or disable this ability for any Security Level by clicking on the checkbox in that column.
  3. Click the Save button once you have made your changes.

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