Send Automatic Email for Outstanding Forms

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Under Marketing, you can set an email to be sent out with links to outstanding forms prior to appointments.

  1. Go to Marketing.
  2. Click on Automated Marketing and Reminders.
  3. Go to Forms > Email.
  4. Ensure Enabled is ticked, and enter the relevant information in each field. You can choose a template or simply start typing the message in the Email body text field. 
  5. Merge Fields are placeholders for values that will be replaced when the message is sent. For example: [ClientFirstName] will be replaced with David, [FormsLink] will be replaced with a link to outstanding forms, and so on. To insert a Merge Field, simply put your cursor in the message box where you want the field to appear then click on the Merge Field drop-down menu and navigate to the Merge Field you want to add. 
  6. You can also preview your Email message by adding your email address and clicking Send Preview Email.
  7. Click the Save button. 

With this set, your clients will be automatically notified of any outstanding forms. 

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