Syncing your appointments with Google Calendar

To add your You'reOnTime appointments to an iPhone or iPad is two steps, the first in You'reOnTime and then on your device.

Getting the iCal link from You'reOnTime

  1. Go to Settings in the side bar.
  2. In the Appointments section go to the iCal Link screen.
  3. Depending on if you want to sync all staff or just one you should choose one of the links on this screen. We recommend emailing the link to your device so you can Copy & Paste  it rather than trying to type it in.

Adding the calendar to your Google Calendar

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar and click on the + button next to Other calendars.
  2. Select From URL.
  3. Paste the iCal link URL from step 2 into the URL of calendar field and click Add calendar.
  4. Click on the back arrow to return to your calendar.
  5. The iCal calendar now appears in your Google Calendar.

Calendars you subscribe to are read-only. In other words, you can’t change existing events or add new ones.

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